Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday's Trevor: Keep The Faith

I've said it before but I love that there are so many cards out there of Trevor just havin' a good time. I also love the prominent "Keep the faith" signage- fine advice that today's breed of foulweathers would be wise to heed. Seriously, by fretting over everything and conjuring up worst case scenarios you're insulting the players and the organization you supposedly support but in the big picture you're only hurting yourself. Breathe. Believe. You'll thank yourself.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Mustache Monday: Totally The Goose

This is one of those times that happen every so often where I apologize for neglecting you and promise it'll never happen again. We both know the truth but both of you readers will be happy to know that I'm in my "on again" blogging mode for the moment and have a slew of new posts coming up.
Back during May as I was celebrating the wonder that is the May Beard, I had the idea of doing a "Mustache Monday" feature and promptly forgot about it as quickly as it had came to me. Well, I've churned out a few and set them to autopost the next few Mondays so this won't turn out as ill-fated as the "Tuesday's Trevor" idea which never really got off the ground- though I do have one set to go for tomorrow. Upcoming stache-rockers include Shane Mack, Gene Harris, Craig Lefferts, Chris James and of course Boch- both as a player and a manager.
Upcoming posts include one later today about Joey Cora, my mom and me (today's her birthday), a 2006 First Bowman Chrome Ernesto Frieri, the aforementioned Tuesday's Trevor, a Thursday Tony Gwynn and a little something about my love of camoflage. As always, I'm sincerely grateful for everybody that's reading this and I welcome your thoughts, criticism, and contributions. Sorry for my predictably unpredictable hiatus; thanks for being around when I finally came back. WG, I really sound like an alcoholic...