Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More Coras!

(This is the third in a series of post about a slew of cards I recently got from Marcus from all the way to the backstop...) 

Marcus also included these seven Joey Cora cards (along with another of him as a Mariner). He apparently remembered that I had remarked in my writeup of our last trade that "I can never have enough Joey Cora cards. Duplicates, I don't care; I want them all. Marcus knows the way to my heart and included four- one I didn't have a copy of." I had to blink a few times; that got a little meta and deja vu-y.

But anyway, for anybody who's reading this, I was and am dead serious. If you have some Joey Cora cards, I'm your guy. Like I said, I want as many copies as possible of every single issue he's been on. Padres, White Sox, Mariners, Indians, whatever. I'll accommodate all reasonable trade requests- in other words, I won't trade a '57 Jerry Coleman for a '94 Joey but yeah...

Tuesday's Ten Gwynns

These ten (well, technically eleven total) Tony Gwynn cards were part of the aforementioned package from Marcus. A few went on the doubles stack but the majority were sorted in with my other couple hundred Gwynns in chronological order. I especially like the Bowman in the middle of the bottom row and the 2005 Topps issue to its right commemorating his 1995 batting title.

...I'll be back tomorrow or later tonight with the rest of the massive score of cards he sent my way.

Four Finleys From A Fellow Friar Fan

I got these from Marcus of all the way to the backstop.... I had recently sent him a few Finleys and oddly we both got our cards from the other on the same day. He sent waaaaay more, though. I already posted some of the non-Padres cards he sent over at NotPadres and I'll do a follow-up to this here later today or tomorrow. I'll also probably profile all of the Dave Staton cards he sent over at Gaslamp Ball because Staton and GLB go together like three and four.