Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More Coras!

(This is the third in a series of post about a slew of cards I recently got from Marcus from all the way to the backstop...) 

Marcus also included these seven Joey Cora cards (along with another of him as a Mariner). He apparently remembered that I had remarked in my writeup of our last trade that "I can never have enough Joey Cora cards. Duplicates, I don't care; I want them all. Marcus knows the way to my heart and included four- one I didn't have a copy of." I had to blink a few times; that got a little meta and deja vu-y.

But anyway, for anybody who's reading this, I was and am dead serious. If you have some Joey Cora cards, I'm your guy. Like I said, I want as many copies as possible of every single issue he's been on. Padres, White Sox, Mariners, Indians, whatever. I'll accommodate all reasonable trade requests- in other words, I won't trade a '57 Jerry Coleman for a '94 Joey but yeah...

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  1. Joey Cora as a Padre?!?! I never knew that. Thanks for the post.