Friday, November 9, 2012

...Part IV

(This is the third in a series of post about a slew of cards I recently got from Marcus from all the way to the backstop...)
 Here are a 1970 and '72 Topps he sent along. Leron Lee, if I recall correctly is Derrek Lee's uncle and did well in Japan. I already had a couple of '72s but this one was new to me as was the '70 Dick Kelley card. It was my oldest Padres card for a day until my '69 Dick Selma arrived the next day. Life's weird.
 You can never go wrong with '75 Topps or Mother's Cookies cards. These were actually issued by Keebler in 2000; I'm assuming they bought Mother's because the design, front and back, is the same.
 Also in the mix were numerous recent Topps Chrome cards- more than just the ones pictured- in various parallels. Ryan Ludwick may not have had the greatest year in San Diego but I never hated him like most seemed to- plus, that's one snazzy card. Yes, I just said 'snazzy'. Apparently I'm 60 now. The Zawadzki cards are a nice add, too. He's one of the handful of Aztec alumni who went on to play for the Padres. In fact, as noted on the backs of these cards, he had Petco Park's first hit back in his SDSU days... but you already knew that.
Here's a nice little add-on he threw in. I'm a big fan of destroying cards of Dodgers. I passed these along in another package I recently mailed out.

Coming up later today or tomorrow or sometime eventually: Part V

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