Friday, January 30, 2009

Reverse Reggie Cleveland

I remember the first time I saw Chip Ambres- it was last year's Spring Training. I'd heard his name in the offseason and always imagined him looking like Richie Cunningham. Maybe because Dave Chappelle's white friend is named Chip. At any rate, he's Pawtucket's problem now; I noticed the other day that he signed a minor league deal or got a non-roster invite or something like that from the Red Sox- I'd look it up if I really cared... besides, it's not like anybody's reading this.


  1. I'm reading, I like this idea. Great idea for a blog. I've got lots I could contribute. Just have to find time to scan.

  2. Reading now. Personally, I really liked Chip. Have you seen the guns on him...holy crap! He's a really nice guy too!