Thursday, March 19, 2009

Give This Guy One, Too.

This card is almost as much of a flop as Jim Ed's tenure at PETCO. First off, lousy photo: warming up being framed as action- very weak. Secondly- and this is much, much worse- THIS IS THE TEAM CHECKLIST!!! I just called Amy Poehler to tell her about this and she said "REALLY?!?!?" I could hear her husband Will Arnett in the background yelling "COME ON!!!" Seriously, Upper Deck; has your staff even watched baseball the last few years? It's like one of their guys took a nap in 2002 and woke up to this photo. "Whoa! The Padres scored the best centerfielder in baseball! Better just automatically throw him on their checklist." That's where his secretary should have entered to say "Um, excuse me sir, but Edmonds is far beyond his prime; that aside, they had the Cy Young winner last year. Their firstbaseman is kind of a badass too..."


  1. At least they wised up this year and put Adrian on the 2009 Series 1 checklist. Imagine the egg on their face if it was Khalil....

    Great blog by the way. Look forward to reading more!

  2. Oh Jim Edmonds. What an amazing Padre he was.