Friday, June 18, 2010

Two Coreys, One Bip

I have quite a few Bips, but not this one. I had never seen this card until 2007 when it was passed through me digitally by my two favorite Coreys. Wait, what? Well, one Corey e-mailed me the scan and I promptly forwarded it to another Corey- my then-brother-in-law and noted all-around-good-guy who's the biggest Bip fan I know (It's worth noting that Corey 1 HATES Bip as much as Corey 2 loves him). Also note that I said 'two favorite Coreys'- I don't want Kory Blum or Cory Davis or any Coris to take offense. I'm pretty sure I've offended Corey Cooper but that's definitely not a first. One infamous night a few years ago, a bunch of us were hammered drunk and, according to all accounts I yelled at him a bunch that "Corey Cooper doesn't tell me what to do! When the hell has a Corey Cooper told a Joe Lanek what do do? Never! See, Tyler Kirk might be able to hint around and suggest what might be a good idea but he doesn't tell me what to do- and he's Tyler Kirk! And if Tyler Kirk doesn't tell me what to do, then some Corey Cooper SURE AS FUCK doesn't tell me what to do!" Later through the night, my cousin Mitchell ended up getting antiqued with an entire bag of flour and eventually I broke three bones in my hand punching Tyler in the shoulder at like seven in the morning. Yep, good times...

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  1. email me your address at padrographs at live dot com and I will send you a variety of Padres cards from 69-now.