Monday, May 9, 2011

19 is 51

It's been nearly two weeks since I've written anything on this humble little nerdblog, due mostly to laziness. However, no amount of laziness can keep me from commemorating Tony The Gwynn's birthday. Last year, I posted nineteen of his cards for his fiftieth. I won't be doing that this year due to the aforementioned laziness but since it's Tony's fifty-first, it seemed only right to include his old sidekick #51 in the festivities.

It's been a rough year for The Gwynn. He battled cancer and a variety of other physical ailments in addition to giving up tobacco and seeing his only begotten son be thrown out of the comforting confines of San Diego and becoming a damned dirty, dreaded Dodger. Through it all, even when he was physically unable to smile, he never lost that famous Gwynn laugh that we all know and love. Happy birthday, Tony; may your fifty-second year be smooth sailing.

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