Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cards From Sam, Pt. I

Recently I gathered up a bunch of my Padres doubles, some other cool Padres cards and some Yankees cards and mailed them off my pal and yours Sam. In return, he sent me a whole slew of cards, including a ton of Padres and some non-Padres cards of favorite players of mine such as Joey Cora, John Kruk, Jay Buhner and Scott Radinsky along with some one-time Padres pictured with other teams. [side note: Sheesh, I have used the word "some" so much already.] Also included were four autographed cards, two of which are pictured above and the other two which will lead of tomorrow's Pt. II.
That's the whole batch. On the left are the Padres and the others are on the right. We'll dig a little deeper into the left stack tomorrow and I guess I'll write about the ones on the right over at NotPadres.

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  1. Joey Hamilton pitched some pretty big games. Glad I'm not the only Radinsky fan in the blogosphere, that guy is pretty awesome.