Sunday, May 5, 2013


"Friars on Cardboard" is no more. From now on I'll be doing all of my writing about the Padres over at Gaslamp Ball, my favorite site in the world and one I'm beyond honored to contribute to. But I still need a place to do trade posts and talk about all the Coras, Kruks, Radinskys, and so forth that I have and will continue to accrue. Hence, I just gave this place a five minute makeover and rechristened it. The name is a rather obscure reference; here's the story behind it. I should probably set up a new site and just have this one redirect there but until then, this will do.

As a side note, my most recent post over at GLB is one you, my fellow cardies, would appreciate. I dug through my collection and picked out 45 Topps cards, one from every year the Padres have existed, and created a timeline of sorts of their evolution. Hope you like it!

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