Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bips & Brackets

It's still Bip Roberts's fiftieth birthday on the west coast, so I'm sneaking this post in right under the wire. I also did a post about Bip over at Gaslamp Ball earlier today. It's a card post; I picked out 10 cards of him with the Padres. Ten, of course, because of his uniform number.

Since Bip is pictured here with the Reds, that gives me a legitimate segue into talking about Nacho Grande's Blogger Bracket Challenge. Round 0 was  fun and I'm looking forward to seeing what my prompt card is for the first round of bracket play; the unveiling will be at 7:30am. I'm glad he had this contest because it has gotten me writing on this blog again, however briefly or inanely as it has been.

1 comment:

  1. Here was my Monday morning, half-awake thought pattern:
    Oh, crap... I wanted to write a post for Bip Roberts' birthday on the 27th! What day is it today? The 28th???? CRAP!

    I'm glad someone remembered in a timely fashion. Job well done!