Thursday, April 29, 2010

Archi! (Guest Post by Alex Kasendorf)

Today's Friars on Cardboard is a guest piece from husband, father of one- soon to be two, attorney, all-around good guy and driver of the sexiest Volvo you've ever seen, Alex Kasendorf. Enjoy.

Angelo Dominic Cianfrocco . . . who? ARCHI! Yes, you remember him . . . played a little first but mostly at third for the Friars in the mid-nineties. Started as an Expos but was traded to the Padres in 1993 for Tim Scott. Always loved this guy. Although his stats were never great, he played hard and had a few timely knocks.

Both Archi and my dad are from New York, which is why I think my dad took to him. Whenever Archi would play, my dad would get a little glimmer in his eye and shout “Archi!” That is probably why I have fond memories of the guy. Sitting at the Q, sucking down soda, peanuts and licorice, cheering on the local nine, with my dad. Not many memories beat that.

Some Archi tidbits: While playing for the Padres, had multiple fan clubs, including "Archi's Army" and the "CianfrocCrew". On Hall of Fame Weekend August 4, 1997, won the Home Run Derby in Cooperstown. He also was the Padres' batter facing Tom Browning when the Cincinnati Reds pitcher broke his arm while delivering a pitch.

Alexander S. Kasendorf is a senior associate with Alpert, Barr & Grant. You can view his bio here.

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