Thursday, April 15, 2010

Couple O' Shoutouts

Just thought I'd throw out a couple of shoutouts before I go get a delicious five dollar footlong...
Until I pulled this card the other day, I'd forgotten about this guy. He was part of the deal, along with Bay and Ollie Perez that brought a certain womanbeater back home. One person that I imagine didn't forget about him is everybody's favorite Gaslamp Baller and all-around good guy (who spells his first name the right way)...
...and here's one for Timmy of Timmy's World fame. A couple of months ago, he requested a J.J Furmaniak card and, while I don't have any of him as a Padre, I got this one the other day. I know he was in the A's system in 2008 because he absolutely killed the Missions every time he played against them in MLB '08 (I was playing in career mode and suuuucked enough to spend the entire season in Double-A ball).

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