Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Answering A Student's Questions About Blogging

This post has nothing to do with Eric Show- I do have a post on him coming up in a day or two, though. It was a reader request and I aim to please.
A few days ago, I got an email from a Melanie who is a Broadcast Communications major at CSU East Bay and is currently doing research for her Sports and Media class. She's one of the four or five readers of this humble little nerdblog and had some interview questions about sports blogging. Gaslamp Ball got the same set of questions and posted their answers. Since I'm always in the market for filler, I thought I'd do the same...
1. Where did you grow up?
Ravenswood, WV
2. What was it like to be a kid, a teenager, or a young person in that time?
It was pretty boring. A small, redneck town, it wasn't the best place for a young punk rocker.
3. Did you decide to go to college? If so, did it help you in pursuing become a sports blogger?
I went very briefly. It had no impact on my eventual blogging.
4. How did you first become interested in becoming a sports blogger?
Probably after reading and getting immersed in other blogs such as Gaslamp Ball. I had a short lived blog called Pads And Ends before starting Friars On Cardboard which I started because I like baseball cards and no one else was doing a blog that was strictly Padres cards and nothing more.
5. What did you read before you became a sports writer (newspapers, books, magazines, etc)?
All of the above.
6. Who are/were your favorite authors?
Jim Bouton, Jeff Pearlman, John Steinbeck
7. What sports did you play?
8. Did you have a favorite sports team growing up?
The Padres
9. Did your parents have a favorite sports team that differed from yours? If so, how did that affect you?
My mother didn't care about sports until I did and then it was just for my sake. I didn't know my father.
10. How did you use media in your everyday life before your career?
For information and time-wasting.
11. How has the internet, instant messaging, instant video uploading and other new technology impacted the way you report today compared to five or ten years ago?
I have never done any reporting, haha
12. How do you deal with coaches or club owners who may or may not want to share information? For example, the Giants issue with Barry bonds and the Balco investigation.
This has never been an issue in the kind of blogging I do.
13. How have sports news and entertainment changed in the span of your career? For the better? For the worse?
Blogging seems to be taken more seriously now. They are now cited as sources and the mother's basement jokes seem to be dying down. I think Rob Neyer's move from ESPN to SBN will further legitimize the sports blogging community.
14. What would you say is the most challenging part of being a sports blogger?
Writing when I don't feel like it. Which I don't do, so it's not challenging at all.
15. What is the most exciting part of being a sports blogger?
I got pretty excited when I found out Jeff Pearlman read my blog and it "made (his) day".
16. What are some major sports events you recall covering? Did that change your perspective?
I haven't covered any events.
17. What kind of skills are necessary in order to be a sports blogger?
The abilities to write and research. For more serious bloggers than myself, the ability to make deadlines.
18. Where would you say the future of sports blogging is heading?
I think it's taking over. People won't tolerate the BS that comes along with traditional sources when they realize they don't have to.

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