Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday Tony Gwynn: '98 Pinnacle Inside Can

Today's Tony Gwynn isn't actually a card at all; instead it's a can of '98 Pinnacle Inside. I remember when these came out. It was fairly radical packaging even back then when everything in the card market was seemingly in a contest to be more ridiculous than last week's die-cut, reflective and 3-D abomination. Still yet, I was 15 at the time so I was sold and bought quite a few cans. The local card shop even had a can opener behind the counter if you wanted to open them there- I always did since I always ripped at least a few packs there at the counter each visit; the lady that owns the place genuinely enjoyed seeing what everybody got and showing you her new pulls. Anyway, for whatever reason- maybe they were distributed regionally- my card store never got the Tony cans so I was relegated to getting cans of Chuck Knoblach and the like. I had forgotten about this product until about a month ago when I got this unopened cylinder of awesome from reader ABY. Even though I'm slightly curious what cards are encased within, I will never know.

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  1. I have a Pinnacle 98 Tony Gwynn unopened San Diego Padres Baseball Club can. Can you tell me if this has any kind of a value on it. I am curious like you are as is my friend as to what is inside the can. If you can give me any information I would appreciate it. Thank you.I am going to be like you and not want to open the can.