Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Best Kind Of Duplicates

I recently got a PWE from Backstop Marcus which held seven cards, all seven of which I already have copies of. This might sound like it'd be disappointing but far from it. Four of the cards were of Joey Cora and I'd rather have a copy of a Joey Cora card that I already have several of than a new-to-me insert of anyone else.
I especially like this '93 Ultra. It seems like most of his cards show him fielding and I have no complaints with that.
Here are the backs to that Ultra and his '93 Fleer issue. Of the cards that do show him batting, most picture him hitting left-handed.
This is the note he enclosed, along with a card of long-time Padres color guy Mark "Mudcat" Grant. It's a good double to get because everybody loves Mud so it'll be sure to bring a smile to someone's face. As Grant himself would say, this card is "some kind of nice".
Lastly, Marcus included a pair of Pinnacles. I've written about the Harold Reynolds card before. Twice, actually, now that I think of it. I know exactly who wants this card, even if he doesn't know he wants it yet. That made sense, right? As for the Dave Staton card, I've accrued a few doubles of some of his cards and plan on eventually distributing them to other Gaslamp Ballers who have taken part in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Jersey project. Speaking of Staton and Gaslamp Ball, tomorrow is his 45th birthday so I'll be doing a card post about him over there tomorrow.

Thanks to Marcus for the cards and to the rest of you for reading!

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  1. Right on, Friars! That's some great Cora for the PC.

    Both you and Backstop have essentially built up my Padres collection, but I'm determined to hook you boys up as well!

    I've read a little bit of the Sisterhood project, good stuff.