Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mike Pagliarulo And Fun With Search Results

It's not all that often that I glance at the stats for this site. The small amount of traffic doesn't vary a whole lot and I don't have any advertisers to appease, so none of it really matters or is of much interest to me. Sometimes, though, I'll click around out of boredom. Like I did once last June, I found something humorous when looking at search phrases that led people here.
Ha! I like that somewhere somebody was thinking about Mike Pagliarulo being a jerk and decided to Google up some support for this stance. I also like that they felt "jerk" or another similarly mild invective wasn't quite the harsh enough indictment they were looking for. I thought it was kind of weird that particular search would lead someone here.because I don't tend to use that word or others of the nature on this blog (every sentence out of my mouth in actual life is another story, however). I know I wrote about my disdain of him but I was pretty sure I didn't call him one of those. Turns out I was half-right; I referred to him as "one of the a'holes along with Jack Clark that talked mess on Tony The Gwynn way back when". Apparently abbreviating it is close enough. I like to think if I had written that post recently I would have sidestepped even alluding to a half-obscenity because I'm so incredibly mature and care very much so about the children who could be (but aren't) reading this blog.

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  1. I can't believe that I forgot to comment on this post! I must've been busy when I was reading it, because this was pretty funny. Thanks for a kid friendly blog, I'm basically just a big, huge kid.