Tuesday, March 12, 2013

COMC= Coras Of My Choosing

A couple weeks ago I hopped over to Check Out My Cards to, you know, check out some cards. Some Joey Cora cards, to be specific. But you already knew that. Shoestring budgeter that I am, I somehow managed to limit myself to only seven cheapies this time around. My favorite of the batch is the '94 Pinnacle Museum Collection parallel pictured above.
Speaking of parallels, I also snagged up these two Topps Golds from '93 and '94. I have I-don't-even-know-right-now-how-many copies of the regular issues of both but these are my first Gold versions of either. They certainly won't be my last, barring some unforeseen tragedy.
Here are two more cards of Joey produced by Topps those two years. On the left is Cora's '93 Stadium Club issue and on the right is his '94 Stadium Club Team Series card. It happens to be the only one of the group that pictures him batting. I bet he beat the throw to first. You know he did.
I reeeally like that '94 Leaf. Actually, not just Joey's but all of them. The design is among my all-time favorites and it seems very underrated. I recently decided I was going to finally try to build a set for the first time. I know, gasp, right? That just seems like one of those things every collector has done, and usually right off the bat. But anyway, this set was one of the few I was considering before I settled on '93 Upper Deck. It'll be a complete from-the-ground-up set build since I only have the Padres from that set and three other cards so far. I'll need to get duplicates of all the Padres cards too so I won't be taking the ones I have out of their comfortable nooks in player collections. So that should keep me entertained for awhile.

I also recently got envelopes full of radness from Emerald City Diamond Gems and ...all the way to the backstop so I'll try to give them a proper write-up in the next day or two...

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