Friday, March 1, 2013

Joey Coras for Tim Wallachs: An Informal Swap

One time after I mentioned something about my goal of collecting as many copies of every Joey Cora card as possible, somebody brought to my attention that somebody else is doing the same thing with Tim Wallach cards. I checked it out and, uh, wow. He's leaps and bounds ahead of where I am with Cora cards. I was really impressed with his dedication and dug around my old boxes of randoms looking for Tim Wallach cards. I found two and another shortly thereafter while flipping through a dime box. I popped all three in a PWE with a little note and sent them to the address on his site. He got them a few days later and mentioned that he would be sending some Coras my way. I thought that was pretty generous since I didn't ask for or expect anything in return. I didn't realize how generous until I got an envelope this past Saturday containing the eight Joey Cora cards above. He even sent one that I didn't already have a copy of! See, like I said, I have a lot of work to do before I'm anywhere near in the same league of player collectors as him.

So, I'm going to continue keeping my eyes peeled for Tim Wallach cards for his sake and I hope you do the same. It felt good to make a contribution, however slight, to such a cool project. It felt extra-good when he turned around and graciously returned the favor 267%.

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