Monday, March 25, 2013

Tonys and Trevors and Bips, Oh My!

Not gonna lie, sometimes it's hard to make myself write about getting cards of players I collect. I mean, after the first couple hundred Tony Gwynn cards, it gets repetitive. The two above are cards that I had back in the day and just got new copies of. Gee, never written that before.
 "I already have a copy of this one but it was part of a lot so I'll put it in the doubles stack and somebody will want it" or something to that effect comes up a lot too.
Hey, a break from the same old, same old. Shame kiddo had to follow in his Uncle Chris's footsteps and be a Dodger. I'm nerdy when it comes to numbers so I think it's cool that Li'l Tony played 19 games for the AAA Albuquerque Isotopes last year and hit exactly .338. Double-daddish!
Trevor cards fall into the same rut as Tony's. These two fall into the same category as the first two Gwynns in this post.
Cue up that line about the doubles stack.
Krukky! This is the part where I allude to him being from West Virginia or something.
That SportFlics is pretty rad, though. I tried to capture each of the three angles but his face was hard to catch.
Oh, and for added predictability, here are some Bips. Pretty sure it's a card-blog rule to show some Bips any time you have an excuse to, even if you already had copies of all of them.

Alright, I seriously need to get out of this rut. No more cataloging what I got just because I feel like I have to. Maybe get back to my card-blogging roots and mix it up a bit. Something, because this stuff I've been churning out the past few months is garbage.

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