Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Second Hairston

As soon as the Pads sent Kouz to Oakland to make room for The Savior and got Shrek back, I started searching for this card because I knew- knew!- that Jerry, Jr. would be our next pickup. There were rumors that we'd sign him before the trade happened and that just sealed the deal- that's just something the Padres do and will always do regardless of regime. Between Alomars and Venables, Gwynns and Gonzali, Hoffmans and womanbeaters, the whole touchy-feely family reunion routine is a Friar tradition- one almost as deeply rooted as the Friar himself and one that I hope carries on long after breakfast on the warning track is successfully laughed out of town. Pancakes at PETCO? Nah, Bro-B-I's are the only syrupy shiz I need at the ol' ballgame.

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  1. Oh, what I forgot to say was that I couldn't find it (I know it's in one of these stacks or boxes!) so I googled that shit. Same card but not the same card.