Monday, January 25, 2010

Fried Chicken And A Puddle

Well, I guess it's obvious now that sometimes when I say "tomorrow", what I really mean is "a few days from now". The Tony Gwynn story I have is more of a Tony Gwynn story tucked inside a John Kruk story but oh, well. Old school Gaslamp Ballers may remember it from when I posted it back in the dark days pre-SBN2.0 when FanPosts were still called Diaries. I'll repeat it here but you should go read the comments on that post because other people's stories are better than mine.

So, apparently back in the late '80s on the rare occasion of rain at The Murph, Tony and Kruk would get a bucket of chicken and take BP, competing over not who could hit the most home runs like most players would, but over who could drop the most singles into the puddle that formed behind the 5.5 hole.

The card shown in the craptabulously blurry photo is a 1990 Starline, No. 4 of 40, that I found a few days ago amongst my little brother's old cards. Yoink!


  1. Why did they need the bucket of chicken? I assume they ate it. Was it some sort of award? Or did they throw or hit the chicken to the puddle instead of a baseball? I'm not entirely sure why this one detail is so important to me...

  2. I'm guessing that neither of those men have ever wasted a piece of chicken in their lives.