Thursday, January 28, 2010

This Has Nothing To Do With Edgar Gonzalez; It's All About Me

Even though it was inevitable and a no-brainer baseball decision, it still sucked for me when the Pads let Edgar go. Sure, he was pretty much impossible to dislike and the novelty of having two hometown brothers on the team can make for a feel-good story (may not apply when regarding Gileses), but the thing I hated most was that I had to get a new username on Gaslamp Ball.

I started out as The Third Giles in '07 when we had Brian and Marcus. I had just gotten out of the shower and was watching the game wearing nothing but a Padres hat. My then-wife (side note: I'm finally divorced now! How cool is that?) asked "Who do you think you are, the third Giles or something?" After M'iles left, we picked up Edgar and I just became The Third Gonzalez. That lasted for two seasons and I was dreading replacing it. I thought of all different sorts of things that "TTG" could stand for but they all sucked so I went with the one that seemed to suck the least: The Thin Gwynn. Hey, it's better than Terrance Trent Garvey, I guess.

The card shown is an '09 UD Series 2. The picture's from August- I remember because I took it at the same time as the one for the David Wells post.

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  1. LOL Terrance Trent Garvey is actually pretty sweet!