Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So Long, Salad Bar

I don't have a card of Oscar Salazar so I decided to do the next best thing and picture cards of Oscar Azocar (R.I.P.) and Luis Salazar. It'll do.

Well, it appears that with Jed's addition of Jorge Cantu, Salad Bar's days with the Pads have come to an end. What little business he still had doing on the roster is now gone. I remember the day KT traded for him. I was, as I am right now, suffering from a brutal cold. My friends made me get up and hang out; we did some shopping- I got a way too big for me Springsteen Born To Run shirt- and went to Red Lobster. Then I scored some Vicodins and we drank a bunch of Coors Light on the porch of my then home which has since burned to the ground. I'm grateful to say that today is different- not that I'd mind getting a new Bruce shirt or some seafood and cheddar biscuits, but I'm not drinking today and the only drug I'm on is DayQuil.

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