Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Baby-Faced Derrek Lee

Three weeks ago, the Orioles signed D. Lee to a one year deal worth up to ten million dollars to man their first base vacancy. Lee had a down year by personal standards though his numbers did pick up after a waiver-wire trade to Atlanta, albeit in a small sample size. Despite his subpar season, he was still in demand this offseason with several teams, including the Padres, attached to his name. "I hear people say I'm old, I'm declining. I want to prove that theory wrong" said Lee upon signing. Nobody was saying that about Derrek during his short tenure in San Diego. As a baby-faced 21 year old, Lee got into 22 games and hit one of his 312-to-date home runs before being sent to Florida in the trade that got us a year of Kevin Brown. Of course, you can't mention Derrek Lee without thinking of this picturewhich led to this
which led to this


  1. I can't even remember Derrek Lee being that young! For the last decade (or so), I've always said that Baltimore is where old players go to (watch their careers) die. It seems Derrek is just one more player carrying on that tradition. Great picture story! Inspiration to tattoo. Love it!