Saturday, January 29, 2011

This Isn't About Randy Jones

I was just reading SDPads1's awesome memorabilia blog .400 in '94; man, he's got so much RJ stuff! I guess it makes sense considering his other (*cough*more recently updated*cough*) blog is RJ's Fro. Gaslamp Baller ABY recently sent me a parcel of Padres gubbins as she called them. I'd never heard that word before but it has since became one of my favorite words. Man, I love words. I love words so much that my friends call me "Words". But I digress... Anyway, I'll be posting some of that in the near future- along with an accompanying card, of course. I hope he doesn't think I'm stepping on his turf! He's already done a post on one of the things...

Oh, and that jersey I'm wearing in that picture? Hoffy. That was all ABY. To quote Rivers (no, not that one!), "How cool is that?"


  1. El Scorcho! Glad you reacquired some... "gubbins"

  2. Haha.

    I just clicked the 400 in 94 link. For Christmas my wife's side of the family does a gift exchange where you can steal the gifts up to 3 times. We ended up getting Avatar and a brand new Blue Ray disc player. Pretty cool. But my father-in-law was the last person to go and he wanted to steal the Blue Ray from us but couldn't bring himself to take it. His wife forced him to take something he didn't really want.

    So long story long, I felt bad, and we decided to just give it to him. In presenting it to him though, I said, "Ya gotta trade me something." He said, "Sure". And I looked over at his shelf... "I want that ridiculous Jake Peavy race car bobblehead."

    So that's how acquired my Peavy.