Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ladies & Gentleman, Your Tucson Padres

Yesterday I was lamenting that I don't have any cards of Everth Cabrera since it was jodes's birthday. Sadly, his season doesn't begin until tomorrow evening. Sadder even still is that it begins in Colorado Springs as a member of the brand-new Tucson Padres. They actually didn't get their uniforms until today. True story. The roster is full of other familiar names like Aaron "Sneaky Pig" Cunningham, Luis Durango, new prospect Anthony Rizzo and retread Greg Burke. I remember Burke wore number 40 when he was with San Diego in '09. It was coincidental that every time he pitched I felt the need to drink a 40. Not a big fan of the guy; I'm pretty sure he will never not make me nervous. Anyway, this group will be managed by former Friars backstop Terry Kennedy. He's pictured above on his '84 Donruss.

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