Monday, April 4, 2011

Xavier Nady & A Dave Roberts Cameo

This card was released right after X was traded to the Mets for Cammy II. I regard Padres nicknamed Cammy like I regard musicians named Hank Williams: I'm a huge fan of both the first and the third but when it comes to the second, naaaaaah. Anyway, back to Nady. He never really got a chance from Boch and since then injuries have kept him from living up to his promise although he was decently above average in his one full season; he put up a 127 OPS+ in 148 games between Pittsburgh and the Yankees in '08. He missed all but 7 games in '09 and basically sucked ass last year for the Cubs. Now he's in Arizona, another one of KT's stockpile of former Friars along with Geoff Blum, Sean Burroughs, Henry Blanco and Russell Branyan. Also pictured on this card is fan favorite and current club employee of some sort Dave Roberts. I don't think I have any cards of Doc as a Pad; I need to fix that. On a side note to a side note, I always liked that both Bip and Dave Roberts wore number 10. I'm gonna shut up now.

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