Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cards from Larry, Part II

To the left are the cards sent to me by Larry of ECDG. I'm going to focus on the smaller stack in this post and get to the others at some point later in the week. These cards were doubs so I went ahead and sent them to Sam.
That Perkins card is one of my all time favorite cards. The Eichleberger is a classic too- and you can never go wrong with RJ.
Of course there were some '79 Topps cards included. There were two each of the '85 DeLeon and Hawkins so everyone won.
These are classics as well; I've always been a fan of the '84 Donruss design. It's hard to tell in this shot but Glenn Beckert is pictured in a Cubs uniform on that card... I'll take pictures of the other cards and try to write something up for them before too long.

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