Monday, July 2, 2012


I'm writing this on Saturday afternoon but who knows when I'll be putting it up. You see, there was a tornado here yesterday and cable and internet have been a luxury that's been off the table since then. I'm actually pretty fortunate; I was talking to a friend from my hometown- about two hours up the river- and they still don't have power at all and the city just shut the water off for reasons I don't even know. I'd look it up or turn on the news but, yeah... But anyway, this is a card blog so I should probably say something about cards. I recently gathered up some Padres and Yankees cards to send to everybody's pal Sam as a late birthday present or whatever. I figure the guy puts up with enough tiny phallus jokes over the course of a year; the least I could do is give him some cards. Here are some of the doubles I weeded out; he'll be getting some others but why ruin the surprise any more?

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