Sunday, January 27, 2013

Alexi Archives: '84 Topps

This is the other of the two Alexi Archives cards I mocked up yesterday; I lucked out finding two pictures that fit the template so well.

I'm ordinarily not a fan of baggy, pajama-style baseball pants, preferring the classic high cuff with stirrups, but on Amarista it just looks right. It's like he showed up and the equipment manager said "Sorry, Alexi, these were the smallest ones I could find." I have seen him rock the high socks and it indeed a sight to behold but that's another card for another day. '91 Fleer, maybe?


  1. Even put it in a top loader, huh? I need to find something different to say besides "these are awesome". But they are.

  2. Thanks! I was thinking that when I do the next one I'd make it look like they're all in a binder page since it'll be my ninth.

  3. Awesome. Oh, and 91 Fleer would be a great choice, one of my favorite sets.