Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Another Mess Of Dubs

I did some well-overdue organizing the other day, sorting a few hundred cards I've gotten over the past couple of months and putting them where they belong. In the process I turned up a fair amount of duplicates I was previously unaware of. Like before, I'm going to post them here so Backstop, Underdog, and whoever else can claim whichever ones they need... That Eichelberger card above is one of my favorite cards ever, period. That huge chopstache he has going on, along with that uni- everything about it just clicks.
Don is the least known of the three Reynolds brothers in baseball. Larry is a player agent and I'm pretty sure you know about Harold... I'm not a big fan of '88 Fleer; it just seems so, um, disposable I guess. But any card of Goose Gossage is a good card so it all evens out.
Here are a few worthless cards from sets I like. You can't go wrong with '93 Upper Deck or mid-80s Topps.
It's worth noting that Topps got Cory Luebke's first name right after calling him Corey on his Gold Futures card. As for '90 Donruss, I consider it the kudzu of collecting. It's everywhere and you can't get rid of it.
More kudzu but this time it's Bip so you know it's going somewhere. Cedric Hunter doesn't have quite as much of an underground following but he is still kicking, signing with Cleveland in November. To date he has one Major League hit, a single in four at bats spread out over six games for the 2011 Padres.
Yep, more of 'em. Moving along...
Okay, that Whitson is the last one of those. I swear.
And finally, a few more slabs of junk wax from twenty-some years ago. I hope somebody has a use for some of these. If you're one of those somebodys, just let me know.


  1. Ok, first thing's first: I love your dubs.

    Secondly: I think the only card above I have is the Luebke.

    [yep, confirmed]

    Thirdly: I *need* the cards on Bad Religion, The Dead Milkmen, The Descendents, Pennywise, and Mr. Bungle (what a phenomenal lot of music that is! Oh yeah, cards...the cards, too!).

    Did you get that, Friars On C?! NEEEEED!

    Bonus would be the '90 Donruss' as they would probably complete that Padres series for me.

    Yeah, that's the thing about being new all over again: so many missing cards, so many desires on cardboard, so many...

    ...best Bad Religion album they every did. Even more so than No Control. Good stuff. And, good ol' Mr. Bungle. I've seen Patton a few times in hardcore jazz settings. Still going for it in a big Bungle way.


    I like your dubs, dupes, 'n tunes.

  2. ...blinded by my own passion and desirous ways, I failed to agree regarding Eichelberger, but who couldn't agree? You'd have assumed rightly anyway, that I can agree: one of the best cards and poses that's not on a Goose card.

  3. Awesome; I'm glad they'll find a home! And it's funny how us Padres fan card bloggers have such similar taste in music. Backstop Marcus is also a fan of the punk rocks and of course there's Punk Rock Paint...