Friday, March 5, 2010

A 'n' G Lies

First off, thanks to TC, who doesn't even read this blog, for today's card. It's the first Allen & Ginter's I've owned despite the fact that I've always thought they're pretty rad cards. I love the washed-out photography and the lack of what Jim Bouton would call "technicolor gingerbread". It seems like, for the longest time, card manufacturers were in a race to see who could cram the most stupid shid on the front of a card, so it was refreshing when these came along and stripped away all the BS and got down to the essence. Kinda like when Guns 'N' Roses put out G 'n' R Lies.

I'm pretty sick of hearing about Adrian trade speculation and he could be too for all I know. I don't know though since everything that comes out of the guy's mouth is so infuriatingly Crash Davis-like vanilla. I suppose maybe that makes me a hypocrite for wishing he'd say more and Jake Peavy would say less but oh well, I'm not losing any sleep at night over it. I just don't see why everybody's flipping out about how he's gonna get traded and he's gonna get traded now. I really like Adrian and I really like him being a Padre, but if Jedi Hoyer can get a ridiculous return for him that bumps the club to the next level, it'd be foolish not to. What I do know is that there is absolutely no reason to rush into something now just because. Something better than what the White Sox may or may not be offering will come along- all we need is just a little patience.

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