Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shut Up, Peavy

So, lately noted womanizer Jake Peavy has been spouting off about wanting Adrian to come join him in Chicago which, eh, it's not really for him to say but I'll let it slide. He goes on to talk about the Padres as a lost cause cesspool franchise like we're the god-forsaken Pirates or something. This irks me because we were only crappy for a season and a half coming off of two seasons in which we were division champions and another where it took us a 163rd game to miss out on a playoff spot. Nevermind that we were one of the hottest teams in baseball the last few months of last season- a stretch where he and his divisive attitude were not around- nope, we suck, always sucked and always will suck. Pssssh.

But what really grinds my gears with Cy Young, Dumb and Full of Cum's remarks is his insistence that Adrian wants out of his home-effin-town. I don't know if this is true; I kinda doubt it and certainly hope it isn't- but even if it is, who the hell appointed Jackass Jake as Aid's personal press secretary?


  1. You actually hit on what bothered me the most. We had a couple bad years and apparently that is the kiss of death. My living room that I am looking at right now is covered in Peavy memorabilia but these new comments might have hit me a little harder than his others and makes me question my decor. We have been dealt a bad hand because of ownership actions and decisions. That is not a sinking ship. We have already made great strides to ensure that those type of days are numbered. His comments come across as bitter and I wonder if he is talking through Adrian or if AGON is as bitter as us fans have been for years.

  2. let me preface by saying I'm a native San Diegan and a life-long homer for the Padres, Chargers and Aztecs. We can throw in the Sockers, Gulls and (gasp!) the Clippers if you want the extended list. However, I am not deluded by the recent success of the Padres and Chargers when compared to the success of each team throughout their history. There have been little streaks here and there, but for the most part both teams have not been very successful. Hopefully, with the success each team has had in the past five years, or so, they will been seen as successful teams, instead of teams that were good for a few years. Actually winning in the playoffs would help...