Monday, February 15, 2010

Randomness: Friars On Twitter, Finley, Santiago, 7Seconds Tattoo & An Admission Of Idiocy

Man, to think that a year ago Brian Wilson and C.J. Wilson were pretty much the only baseball players with a Twitter. Shiz blew up, yo; now it seems like everyone with a pair of spikes has one. Fins does, as does Antonelli. In fact, Gaslamp Ball has all former, current and future Friars with one listed for your convenience (sweet tattoo as the background, huh?). Steve's got a Facebook page, too; needless to say, I'm a "fan"...

Speaking of Matty A, I really shat the bed with that last post about him. In my haste and stoneditude, I failed to recall that bench coach Ted Simmons rocks the number nine. My bad!

... so, I got a new tattoo last week. It's my spray-painted-style rendition of the 7Seconds logo on my left wrist. That picture looks like shid, but you get the idea. I was going to use that pic for a post on Benito Santiago but since it turned out so crummy, I'm just tacking it on to this one...

Also, as always. Friars On Cardboard welcomes any and all suggestions and submissions. Thanks to everybody for reading, commenting and/ or following. 'Preciate it!

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