Friday, February 5, 2010

7 Random Facts About Garry Templeton

And The Winner Is... Garry Templeton!
In honor of the longtime Friar shortstop's victory by decision over Steve Finley in yesterday's poll, here are seven random facts about Ol' "Jumpsteady":
  1. He was the official team captain from '87 'til he departed two months into '91.
  2. #1 led the league in intentional walks in '84 and '85 with 23 and 24, respectively.
  3. Garry managed current Padre David Eckstein in the minors.
  4. After leading the league in triples with 19 in '79, he never broke double digits again.
  5. On January 13th, Templeton was named manager of the Chico Outlaws of the Golden Baseball League.
  6. Garry stole 27 bases in '82, his first year with the Padres- the highest total he would have with the team. In his last six seasons in San Diego, he stole exactly 27 bases.
  7. When Avenger-in-Chief was a kid, Templeton would let him hit in his backyard batting cage.
Why seven? Because I was going to do ten but I'm starting to get tired. Yep, it's that level of commitment that makes this blog the beacon of mediocrity that it is.

The cards pictured are '91 Donruss #252 and '90 Topps #481

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