Monday, February 1, 2010

This Rant Has Nothing To Do With Broke's Rookie Card

I remember the incident when Frank Francisco threw a chair at some A's fans, but until a minute ago when I was googling around trying to find a jumping-off point to blather some more about Doug Brocail, I had no idea that Francisco was heated because some ass heckled Brocail about having a stillborn child. Wow, that was one long sentence. Horrible writing right there, kids. Stay in school. But I digress. Yeah, I know people should be the bigger person and let words go and that they're professional athletes and should have a thick skin and blah, blah and blah, but that's some pretty fucked up shit for anyone to say to anyone else. If somebody popped off with some shit like that to a friend or coworker of mine, I'd probably flip out harder than just throwing a chair. Not saying it was right, but it certainly was understandable.

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