Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Bip Roberts Day!

One year ago today, I posted a Bip Roberts card as a shout-out to my then-brother-in-law Corey who is, you guessed it, a big Bip fan. With February 10th being of absolutely no significance otherwise, I nonetheless declare today, and all February 10ths to follow, Bip Roberts Day. Hear hear!

Here is your annual Bip Roberts Day batch of Bip links:
Honestly, I'm surprised I came up with that many... I hope at least a few people write something new about him between now and next February 10th. Happy Bip Roberts Day, everybody! Celebrate Responsibly!


  1. The Bipster!!!

    I saw him hit a bases loaded walk off grand slam when I was in Jr High. Hmm, looking at baseball-reference, it seems like that might have been in 95, which was well after Jr High for me. Stupid brain.

    Isn't there some sweet youtube clip of a Reds clubhouse brawl that happened the day Bip was traded there? I think it might have been between the wild thing and their manager. The two guys are duking it out and the Bipster is standing to the side with a "What have I gotten myself into?" look on his face.

  2. Hooray for Bip indeed!

    Dude i've been trying to get in touch of you for a couple weeks now.

    Finally i remembered this website and I realized that still miss bip.

  3. So some of what I posted didn't make it on that post.

    Anyways I sent you an email 3 or so weeks ago and had a weird text message conversation with someone who had one of your old numbers.

    So get at me

  4. Nothing beats Bip on cardboard. A true least in my collection.