Friday, February 12, 2010

Can Matt Antonelli Please Have #9 Back?

Dear San Diego Padres,

I have noticed that you have Matt Antonelli listed on your official roster as #10. Mr. Antonelli debuted as #9 with the Friars and has stated that he would like to wear that number again once he settles in with the big club. In addition to him wearing it in his initial appearance in the navy and sand, Matt wore #9 throughout college and summer ball. Mr. Antonelli is a much too humble man to trouble you with this request. However, I'm fairly certain, as evidenced by the new regime's eagerness to listen to the fans, this should be no problem. After all, there is no one listed as #9 on the 40-man roster.

Thank you very much,


  1. bench coach ted simmons is wearing 9. Hopefully matt will finally prove he can hit triple a pitching this year. I had high hopes for this guy but his time is running out. I'm sure he will get 9 back eventually if he can hit.

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