Monday, June 25, 2012


The Padres made some, uh, interesting moves today including placing Anthony Bass on the DL, calling up Kip Wells and picking up Mark Hamburger. However, most of the buzz is about another team's callup. You know I'm referring to the Cubs promoting Anthony Rizzo since the name of this post is "Rizzomania!" and there's a picture of me holding a card of him. Everybody seems to be all worked up about it and are salivating for the chance to have a small sample size they can warp to support their predetermined stance on whether the Padres "won" or "lost" that trade. I, for one, don't really get into all that so I hope he does well except when he faces us. But, yeah, I'd be all about it if Andrew Cashner struck him out every time they went head to head. That should probably go without saying but I already said it so whatever...

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