Thursday, June 7, 2012

Win This 1 of 1 Padres Game Worn Jersey Card!

I have a game worn Robert Fick jersey which is huuuuge. I also have a friend who is quite the seamstress. She said she'd take it in so it doesn't look like a muumuu on me. Anyway, there's a lot of leftover fabric; I have planned for most of it but that's for another time. Last night I took a small swatch of it and a few junk cards and threw together the card to the left. I didn't have a card of Robert Fick to mutilate for this so I found a card of a left-handed hitter in a Padres uniform with his face obscured. The card is five layers thick and was put together with the aid of a kitchen knife and superglue. At any rate, it was fun to do but I've probably already gotten all the enjoyment I'm going to out of it so do any of you want it? Just leave a comment saying why you want it or why you should get it or something. I'll pick a winner out of the comments in, oh, let's say a day and a half.


  1. I like the effort you put forth to kill a game used jersey. While its not a Tony Gwynn relic, I think it is awesome you took the time to make your own 1/1 card. Nicely played sir!

  2. Cool. Free artwork! Count me in.

  3. Dear TTG,

    I want it because of reasons. And one of those reasons is that you're awesome.

    Love, jodes

    P.S. Hi!

    1. Dear jodes,

      You can't have it because you're getting something cooler.

      Love, TTG

      P.S. Arts & Crafts Month is gonna be sooo cool.

  4. You know I'm gonna love it! Fick was a great utility guy for the Pad Squad.

    That being said, I don't want it sent to me, I just got that awesome package from you (in process of doing the write up), and I want the Friar love to be spread around! Everybody should have some sweet looking Padre cards in their collection!

    Way to go man, looks super rad.