Saturday, June 2, 2012

Trade Post: All The Way To The Backstop

I haven't really felt like posting anything the last couple of days so, well, I haven't. The other night I was reading all the way to the backstop and saw my zip code among those he sent packages out to. I already had his cards packaged up but I hadn't made it to the Post Office yet. Yesterday as I was heading out to mail his cards and another batch for Dime Boxes, I checked the mailbox and the cards from Backstop were already here; that was quick! I chose the two cards for the top photo because they happen to be two cards I also sent him- hey, that's a pretty good success rate! There were a few cards I already have but most were new to me and will be finding their way here for some time to come.
At the top of the stack were six Joey Cora cards. Now here's a guy who's been paying attention! There was one of him with the Padres, one with the Mariners and four as a White Sock.
The cards spanned from 1987 until present and included both stars and unheard of players along with an array of fan favorites and historical footnotes. A great number of manufacturers were represented as were two languages (English and French). There were a few Benitos, a couple Adrians and one of each Alomar.
One of my favorite things about trading through the mail is the handwritten note. It's such a juxtaposition to everything you know about fellow bloggers; all I've seen before is the typed word and written words lend an extra element of humanity. His was no disappointment, complete with nifty lettering, an awesome illustration and words of encouragement all Padres fans must heed.
This was a blind trade so I had no idea what to expect. I'm very happy with what I got and hope he's as stoked when he gets his. I have a feeling he'll be pretty pleased.


  1. glad you liked them! i lived in Chicago for a few years and adopted the White Sox as my #2 team, and Cora was a coach for them the year they won the World Series, so I put all the cards of his in a binder next to Ozzie Guillen's. i'm a Cora fan, but i'm not THE Cora fan. glad you liked them.

    not sure if you could tell but the guy i drew on the note was supposed to be Jerry Coleman, "hanging a star" on a magnificent Padre play. i don't normally do notes like that, but in a deal between Padre brethren, i wanted to add something extra.

  2. I definitely recognized the Colonel. It led to me having to explain his star-hanging ways to my girlfriend, haha