Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Buzzer Beater!

It's 11:47pm PST, so I have thirteen minutes to hammer out this post to keep my streak alive. Eleven days; wooo, big flippin' deal! Not gonna lie, I know somewhere between nothing and very little about Ivan Murell. See, I know so little about him that I spelled his name wrong on my first try. What I can remark on is the card itself. In 1974, the Pads were widely believed to be headed to DC before Dave Thomas or one of those other burger guys came to the rescue. Thusly, Topps labeled its first run of '74 Padres as "Washington Nat'l". They're fairly rare and I would really like to get my hands on one or so. I don't even want the coveted Washington Winfield- although that would be radtacular; I'd settle for a creased Ivan Murrell. Ah, one of these days I'll have some money to piss away on ebay; until then I'll be happy with the fact that I made my deadline with two minutes to spare.

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