Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Many 29s In Padres History

Since February 29th only rolls around once every four years, I figured I should commemorate it in one way or another so I thought I'd look into all of the 29s in Friars history. In the 43 years of their existence, the Padres have issued the number 29 in regular season play to 22 different players. Frankie Libran was the first, followed by Jack Baldschun later in the season as well as in 1970. Jay Franklin and Ramon Webster wore it in '71. Pat Corrales and Lowell Palmer had it in '73
and '74, respectively, and Gene Richards wore it in '77. Mickey Lolich took it over in '78 and kept it through '79. Danny Boone was next in '82, succeeded by Elias Sosa in '83. After a seven year absence, Fred McGriff was the first to wear it for more than two seasons, from '91 until being traded in '93. Archi Cianfrocco held it down the longest, four seasons, from '95 through '98. John Van Der Wal assumed it in 1999 and another Boone, this time Bret wore it in 2000. Javier Cordona and Kory DeHaan put it to service in '02 and Gary Bennett, Robert Fick, Chris Hammond and Josh Barfield wore it one season apiece from '03 through '06. Kevin Correia had it in '09 and '10 and Luis Martinez was the last. It was vacated in 1972, '75, '76, '80, '81 '84-'90, '94, 2001, '07 and '08.

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