Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ozzie Smith & Other Blather

Everybody else is watching and typing about the Oscars and the NBA All Star Game but I don't care about either of those so here I am. I've never watched the Oscars and I haven't watched the NBA since Dennis Rodman retired. I used to have a huuuuuuuge Rodman collection; his were the only non-baseball cards I've ever purchased- well, okay, I once bought a couple packs of The Andy Griffith Show cards. But, anyway, this is neither a Dennis Rodman or an Andy Griffith blog so here's a baseball card of a San Diego Padre. One Osbourne Earl Smith, to be specific. He's back in baseball now, working as an instructor for the Cardinals this Spring Training since his sworn enemy Tony LaRussa has hit the ol' dusty trail. How far he makes it down the ol' dusty trail before he drunkenly passes out at a stoplight is anyone's guess, however...

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