Monday, February 13, 2012

Mustache Monday: Three Guys With Flip-Shades

I was looking for a card to post for Mustache Monday and came across a Thomas Howard card featuring him wearing flip-shades. This made me think of Avenging Jack Murphy's recent post about Tony The Gwynn- but really it was about flip-shades. I then flipped through some cards to try to find some other examples in action. Handcuffed by the guidelines of both the month and the day, I think I fared fairly well in finding three black guys with mustaches wearing flip-shades- and on three consecutive years of Upper Deck, no less. You know, for a baseball card blog, I make very little mention of the cards themselves. In a departure from that, I have to say I liked what UD was doing their first few years. They had a signature look and they stuck with the same theme year to year, making minor tweaks just to let you know this was the new one. Then the mid-nineties rolled around and everything we knew and loved about baseball cards up until that point got shot straight to hell...
Oddly, all the flip-shade shots are on the backs.
Here are the fronts just for reference:

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  1. Cool stuff. 80s and early 90s flip shades are so dope. I too liked those early UD cards.

    Side note:
    I went to HS with Tempy's daughter and she would let us come over and hit in their batting cage. Got to hit with The Gwynn's bat as well as Alan Trammell's and Matt Nokes' as they were all neighbors.

    If I've told that story before I apologize. I sense that I have. Oh well.