Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ten Trivia Gems: Marvell For The Wynne

  1. On April 13, 1987, Wynne,along with two teammates, became the first trio in ML history to lead off a game with three consecutive home runs. The #2 hitter will be featured here Tuesday and the third will be on Thursday. Why Tuesday and Thursday instead of the next two days? It'll make sense then.
  2. His son- also named Marvell Wynne- is a Major Leaguer as well. He plays for Major League Soccer's Colorado Rapids.
  3. Before his three and a half seasons in San Diego, Marvell was a Pirate for three years. After being traded by the Padres to the Cubs in 1989, he spent his last season and a half there.
  4. Wynne wore #7 in 1986, his first season with the Padres. He switched to #16 the next season after the team acquired Kevin Mitchell.
  5. In his eight seasons, he only had an OPS+ over 100 once, in 1988.
  6. Despite the first fact, Wynne wasn't much of a power hitter. His season high was 11 in '88. In '84, he had 702 PAs and no homers.
  7. He wasn't much of a basestealer either. He had a career high in '84 with 24 but was caught 19 times. In '86, he stole 11 bases and was caught 11 times.
  8. I guess they weren't keeping him around for his glove either. He posted negative dWAR in 7 of his 8 seasons.
  9. He was out of the league before his 31st birthday. He spent his final year as a pro in Japan in 1991 as a Hanshin Tiger.
  10. Marvell is one of only three players in MLB history with the last name Wynne. Can you name the other two?

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