Monday, May 31, 2010

Calvin Schiraldi: A Man With A Beard

["Editor's" Note; July 1st, 8:06 AM Eastern/ 5:06 AM Pacific: I threw this together yesterday evening and set it to autopost at 11:11 PM Pacific... except it turns out I put 6/31 instead of 5/31. My bad!]
Calvin Schiraldi pitched for the Padres toward the beginning of my fandom but I have no real recollections of him. Sure, I'd see his name in the box score or get the occasional card but he never really appeared on my radar. Later, I'd go on to read about his exploits in the '86 World Series and to this day that's still pretty much the only time I ever see him referenced. But, that's all neither here nor there; all that matters is that it's still May and he's rockin' three degrees of bearditude.

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