Monday, May 3, 2010

Today's Three Gwynns (05/03/10) featuring Scrabble, Scott Sanders and Chris

I never posted a Tony yesterday since I got sidetracked by hanging out and eventually playing Scrabble for twelve hours- and if you don't know me, yes, I won every game- so here's an extra one to make up for it. I'll go ahead and throw in one of his brother Chris for good measure while I'm at it.
Today's Tony Gwynn is a '93 SP #167, a card I've always gotten a kick out of. The only information provided on the back is that "Gwynn confused onlookers by donning Padres pitcher Scott Sanders' [sic- should read 'Sanders's'] jersey for a spring training [also sic- should be capitalized] game". Well, yeah! I could tell that much from the front, UD! I've been an onlooker of this card for seventeen years and I'm still confused. I've always wondered if he only had one jersey on the road trip that got stolen or FUBAR or if he was just messing around and having fun with Sanders, his other teammates and fans. Somebody has to know the story behind it; if not a Padres fan, I'm sure at least one Uni Watcher will have the goods.

Today's Third Gwynn is a '92 Topps #604 of Tony's brother and Anthony's uncle Chris, pictured back when he was a filthy effin' Dodger. It is my personal policy to never promote or endorse any sort of low-down Dodgerdom on this blog and since I don't have any cards of him as a Padre, I was pleased to find one of him shoulders-up and hatless that required only the most minimal of MS Paint correction...

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