Monday, May 3, 2010

Tomorrow's Tony Gwynn (05/04/10)

It's still eleven-something over on the good coast but I'm gonna go ahead and put this up a little early. Today's Tomorrow's Tony Gwynn is a '95 Studio Gold, #25 of 50. It's a beautiful card with a unique design and I enjoy that he's wearing two pairs of glasses but nevermind all that. I'm not content just to live in tomorrow; I wanna get way ahead of myself. Let's talk about Sunday, shall we?
This upcoming Sunday is Tony The Gwynn's fiftieth birthday. I kicked through a few variations of the same idea before I settled on one I found fitting. First I thought to post one Tony card every hour. While nice sentiment, the number twenty four seemed very out of place. Next I thought that I should post fifty, one for every year, but that's one every half hour plus two more and, quite frankly, no. Obviously, this stupid little nerdblog is just here for my enjoyment and I can see the fun getting sucked out of that by about the twentieth one. Hey, twenty's too many? Well, nineteen shouldn't be too bad. Shouldn't be too bad?!?! Nineteen's perfect! So, there you have it, nineteen. It should prove to be challenging without crossing over to drudgery- at least I'm hoping.


  1. Double glasses: YEAAHHH!

  2. 19 different Gwynn cards/posts on Sunday!?!?! That's just crazy talk!!! Some blogs don't even post that much in a whole month.

  3. This blog, for one, has never posted that much in a month, haha